Micro Miniskirt Trend 2022: How to Style

Micro Miniskirt Trend 2022: How to Style

Micro Miniskirt

If I had to choose one trend that dominates the spring / summer 2022 collections, it would be the length of the micro mini. Over the past eight years, mini-skirts, firmly relegated to the background by copper skirts, floor-length sundresses and midixi dresses, are experiencing a resurgence in all directions, and countless designers are presenting their own views on the fashion icon of the 60's. Many collections become all-season, that is, they can be worn all year round. Below we will explain in more detail what to wear a mini in different weather, how to make an image of a mini and what short skirts and dresses to pay attention to


How can a micro mini-skirt be all-season, since we have a rather cold winter? It's very simple: it all depends on its material, combinations with the top, the chosen shoes and the length of outerwear. For example, skirts made of eco-leather or patent leather are warm enough in winter, regardless of their length: this material retains heat well. But they can be worn in warmer seasons.

If you choose a short silk dress or satin skirt, you can also wear it all year round: in winter it can be warmed with a long sweater, high boots and quilted coat below the knee, and in spring change the warm top to a leather jacket and loafers. The same goes for mini skirts made of other light fabrics.

Micro mini made of corduroy or eco suede is more suitable for the cold season, but it all depends on the thickness of the material: if you choose a thin suede dress or corduroy skirt, they will also be a great component for summer images.


If you still do not think it is the best idea to buy a mini skirt in the cold season, you will be convinced by a few tips on how to fit it into a harmonious winter image.

First, the mini skirt is very stylishly combined with knitted longsleeves and golfs with slits: for example, with an open shoulder or a horizontal cut in the neckline. The asymmetrical top will be the highlight of the image, and a short skirt will emphasize its informality.

You can also play on the contrast of open legs and voluminous wool top: choose a large knitted sweater with lush sleeves for a mini skirt made of dense satin, eco leather or suit fabric. Within this image, you can create several branches in the preppy style: for example, pick up a skirt in a fold in a plaid, and under the chosen sweater to wear a long white shirt with a sharp collar, which looks slightly out from under the sweater.

Micro dresses can be combined with woolen cardigans and high boots, as well as worn separately, if, for example, a short dress jacket with long sleeves made of eco-leather or dense suit fabric. You will definitely not freeze in such clothes: the main thing is to choose long outerwear and shoes according to the weather conditions.



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